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Why do I need the nVision daily backup plan? 

Bottom Line: your data should be accurately backed up daily and should be quickly available in case of an emergency. 

An nVision support staff member is included in the  nVision Daily Backup Plan. They are checking that your daily backups are actually replicating and are easily accessible in case of emergency. They will also perform the technical tasks to recover your system(s) and data at no additional cost for the recovery 

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Why do I need the nVision maintenance  plan? 

Remove the threat of downtime or security concerns with a monthly maintenance plan. Keep everything running smoothly with no headache or hassle. nVision will ensure your system is current: software, network, computer, licenses.  And that your business is not at risk to viruses or vulnerable to any security issues.


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nVision Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans

Daily Backup Plan

  • Daily monitoring of system backups

  • Testing of system backups once per month

Maintenance Plans

  • Monthly monitoring of system backups

  • Testing of system backups once per month

  • Checks and tests are performed on your network, security, antivirus, and

  • equipment once a month

  • Monthly report of network, security, antivirus, and equipment status with recommendations for the future

Technology fails. 

People make mistakes. 

Be prepared. 

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